1. First round concept lineup of most of the main cast from Cinder and Scarlet.

    Wolf, Scarlet and Cinder were all easy, I had a pretty clear picture of them.

    Not totally happy with Kaito, I’ll probably give him another go.

    Thorne wasn’t too hard, basically just needed to channel an Errol Flynn type silver screen movie star look, it was really hard not to give him a mustache though, I was kind of picturing one on him the whole book.

    Now that I’ve got a clearer idea of how to draw them all I can get to some non boring fanart.

    Bonus Scarlet and Cinder headshots because I can.



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    you are not alone! And these are wonderful!
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    I LOVE THIS SERIES. And this fanart is just epic! My OTP for this series is probably Scarlet x shotguns I mean Wolf.
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    holy crap this is just wow so perfect i love this i love you you wonderful, wonderful artist.
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