1. ukiinquisitor:

    1) State your URL and where you live.
    2) When did you first start playing Dragon Age? 
    3) Console or PC?
    4) Which Origin did you play first? 
    5) Tell us about your first Warden.
    6) Did you romance someone in Origins? What was your favourite part of the romance?
    7) What was the hardest quest for you in Origins? What made you want to rage quit?
    8) Carver or Bethany?
    9) Did you stay with the default Hawkes or went custom? Tell us about your Hawke if so.
    10) Favourite DA2 romance and why? If you didn’t romance anyone, tell us who your Hawke got along with best.
    11) What is your favourite quest in DA2?
    12) What are you most looking forward to in Inquisition?
    13) Out of the announced romances, who are you most looking forward to romancing?
    14) What race of Inquisitor are you planning to play as first?
    15) Tell us about the Inquisitor you have in mind. What do they look like? Name some of their daily habits. 
    16) What do you expect to happen in Inquisition?
    17) Explain your silliest headcanon for anyone in the series.
    18) If you had to pick one of the companions to live with as a roommate, who would it be and why?
    19) Who are you most looking forward to seeing from Origins in Inquisition?
    20) Say anything you want to end your post!

    WOW sorry for my weird heavy breathing  and mouth noises omg this was really fun though

    Hey if anyone wants to listen to me ramble about Dragon Age for 20 minutes /slides this across the table/

  3. ukiinquisitor:

    The number of times this happens in game I stg.

    NPC: <makes racist comment toward elf Warden>

    Warden: Do you have a problem?

    NPC: What? No of course not stop being so sensitive

    I’m amazed my Warden managed to remain polite and diplomatic.

    PS I made a Dragon Age sideblog uwu

  4. headcanonish:


    some classy fellows

    This print appeared in the Daily Prophet during a Wizengamot debate in the early nineteenth century about whether centaurs should be classed as beings or beast for the purposes of a particular bequest. The case involved a rather eccentric  MacFusty who wanted to leave part of his lands in trust for centaurs to give them somewhere besides the Forbidden Forest to roam. Unsurprisingly, the heirs sued and the combined efforts of the Wizengamot broke the trust enchantment after the decision.

    what is happening why has this been hijacked by harry potter fanfic this is really uncomfortable please don’t use my art like this;;;;;;;;;

  5. some fashionable ladies

  6. secondlina:

    Fairy Tales do not inform children that there is such things as monsters. Children already know that there are monsters. What Fairy Tales really teach is that monsters can be transformed or destroyed.

    - Paraphrasing G.K. Chesterton

    The Namesake team has been hard at work : we’ve been secretly plotting to launch an anthology Kickstarter in August. and THIS is the first official announcement!

    Introducing Valor - a fairy tale anthology about courageous heroines produced by a team of amazing fairy-tale loving creators!

    Valor is an anthology of re-imaged fairy tales showcasing the talent of some of the top creators in the field of digital comics. The purpose of this book is to pay homage to the strength, resourcefulness, and cunning of female heroines in fairy tales. Some of these are recreations of time-honored tales. Others are brand new stories, designed to be passed to future generations.

    The anthology will be young adult friendly and in color, each story being 4 to 15 pages long.


    + Morgan Beem - Ink Wielder Extraordinaire

    + Meaghan Carter - Creator of Take Off

    + Kadi Fedoruk - Creator of Blindsprings

    + Megan Kearney - Creator of the Beauty and the Beast

    + Isabelle Melançon - Co-creator of Namesake

    + Laura Neubert - Lover of all things revolutionnary

    + Emily Hann - Composer of backgrounds

    + Sara Goetter - Creator of the short comic Haircut

    + Annie Stoll - Creator of Ode

    + Michelle Krivanek - Creator of Alice and the Nightmare

    + Nicole Chartrand - Creator of Feywinds

    + Jayd Ait-Kaci - Creator of Small Town Witch

    + Justin Lanjil - Master of colors

    + Ran Brown - Creator of The End

    + Elena “Yamino” Barbarich - Creator of Sister Claire

    + Angelica Maria Lopez - Creator of Solstoria

    We also have an amazing writing team working with some of the artists and writing prose :

    + Megan Lavey-Heaton - Co-creator of Namesake

    + Tim Ferrera - Writer of Ode

    + Alex Singer - Author of Sfeer Theory

    + Joanne Webster - Forger of words

    + Ash “Summerlightning” Barnes - Co-writer of Sister Claire


    Launch is scheduled for August 1st, follow this tumblr, or the numerous’ artists tumblr, or the #valor anthology tag for more information.

    This going to be an AMAZING anthology and I’m super honored to be a part of it.

    ~ * G e t + H y p e * ~

  7. some classy fellows


  8. dragonanimeparty said: I was just wondering if Pariah Song was still going on or if it's in hiatus? Thanks!

    oh this was a very well timed question! I just made a post about it but the tl;dr is that yes it is on hiatus but it will be back! hopefully in the fall but it’s a little to early for me to commit to any solid dates


    I’ve been sitting on this for a while, partially because I’ve been busy with other projects and with work, but also because I’ve been unsure of what step forward to take.

    I’ll start off by officially announcing that Pariah Song will be on hiatus and that it will be returning in the form of a full reboot.

    While this may come as no real surprise to most of you still keeping up with me, I hadn’t announced a proper hiatus largely because I didn’t intend on stopping or taking a break from the comic.

    Unfortunately though I got very overwhelmed with the amount of work I had, and as the months of lack of updates crawled by I finally had to admit to my own limitations.

    Pariah Song is a story that I’m very attached to and very invested in, and one that I’d like to see through until the end, however I’ve had to seriously sit down and re-evaluate my understanding of how great an undertaking this comic would be, and owning up to the fact that as it is, it is beyond my capabilities as a single person working part-time.

    While I intend to keep the core of the story the same, I will have to go through some re-building, including heavy revisions and a more economic approach to pacing and length.

    My summer will be mostly dedicated to other, shorter projects, but whenever I have time I will continue chipping away at getting ready to bring Pariah Song back, hopefully better than ever.

    I love this story too much to let it go, and am excited about giving it another go. 

    My sincerest thanks for your support and patience,


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